A Bunch of Windows

A Bunch of Windows

May 28, 2013


Sometimes I just take pictures of things that catch my eye. I’m not working on a project; I’m probably not even experimenting or trying to learn something new. But I’m still looking, and if I have my camera with me I’ll use it. Which means I have a lot of images in my catalog that aren’t going anywhere. They have no real meaning. They simply represent something that looked interesting to me at a particular moment.

I was going back through images from two visits to Port Townsend, Washington, and discovered these windows. They seem kind of cool, but I don’t know how to categorize them. I don’t see myself going forward with a long-term project about windows. These aren’t really a set or a collection. They’re just a bunch of pictures of windows, and I happen to like them.

I also like language, and I aspire to order. There must be a word that would encompass random cool stuff. That got me thinking about collective nouns. There are some wonderful ones (and these are just birds): a lamentation of swans; an ostentation of peacocks; an unkindness of ravens.

So what would you call a group of images that you made for no good reason other than they caught your eye one day?

What would you call a bunch of windows?









  1. A glaze of windows. A serendip of images. :)

  2. How about a swan of windows? 😉 And for the record, you got a better one hour spot that I did although I did have lots of windows around me!

  3. a transparent of windows

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