November 29, 2011

I think by now, if you are familiar with this blog at all, you know that I love to be around talented people. It is just so interesting to me to see the many ways people express themselves creatively. This past year I have been able to spend time with painters, musicians, jewelry makers, even bakers — but never a dancer. I wanted to see if I could capture the movement and exuberance of dance, so I asked my friend Toni Silver if I could tag along to one of her classes. Toni happens to be the mother of the amazing T-Sisters. There’s a whole lot of talent in that family. Toni does traditional modern dance, but she also loves hip-hop and that’s the class I attended.

The cardio hip-hop class was taught at New Style Motherlode dance studio in Oakland. Teacher Momo LeBeau allowed me to be right up front. As I anticipated, it was fascinating and challenging and fun. I have such respect for dancers. I’ll let this series speak for itself. Many thanks to Toni, Momo, and the class for letting me hang out with you. You rock!


  1. Love the photos! Love the shape these people are in. You make them shine Dorothy!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I like the shapes too. They were fascinating to watch — a really fun class.

  3. Ooo Dorothy, great job!!! It was fun having you there. You probably got hit by a Momo sweat spray; the show of being close to him! xoxo

  4. I meant the JOY of being up front!

  5. these are wonderful shots!!

  6. Looks like a fun project – a good idea! Great shots.

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