Dinner With Albany: A

Dinner With Albany: A “Just Because” Celebration

October 2, 2012  |  Events, Local Interest

Dinner With Albany was only supposed to happen once, in 2008, as part of our town’s Centennial. It became immediately clear that once was not going to be enough, but every year seemed like too much. Every other year is just right. We all look forward to this party — it has quickly become a tradition that Albanians embrace with enthusiasm. Last Saturday we gathered in the street to visit, dine, dance, and enjoy one another’s company.

It is a monumental task to prepare for this event. Many thanks to the Albany Recreation and Community Services Department staff and the small army of volunteers who set everything up.

Sometimes you just get lucky. Because Nir Maoz really is a master at putting all the pieces together.

This group of neighbors won the prize for “Over the Top” table decorations. Really . . . did anyone else stand a chance?

Event Mastermind Chelle Putzer requested a full harvest moon, and it appeared right on cue.

As the sun set and the beautiful full moon rose, we were entertained by local bluegrass musicians Bangers and Grass. There was dancing in the street.

After the band came the DJ, and the less shy among us took to the stage in front of an appreciative audience.

The evening’s finale was impromptu in 2008, but now it’s a highly anticipated tradition — and so much fun. I give you the people of my village singing YMCA.

Albany. It’s a pretty cool little town.


  1. Dorothy, WOW! Talk about a “Block Party”. Great images and story too…

  2. This was such a magical evening, and you captured it so beautifully! Thanks for this wondrous post.

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