Favorite Moments

Favorite Moments

December 28, 2011

When you live with someone who likes to take pictures of people, the camera is pointed at you a lot. My family is used to it. Sometimes they ignore it. Sometimes they play to it. That reaction in particular can be challenging for the photographer. For instance, Grace and Hilary can go from zero to smile-for-the-camera in no time flat. Only problem is, their cheese-y faces aren’t my favorite. I consider it a win when I get past that to the authentic moments and the genuine goofiness that I know is under the facade. Sometimes it takes a quick shutter finger, or patience, or just letting them laugh at me. It’s worth it when I’m rewarded with their beautiful laughing eyes.

Here are a few favorite images that remind me of the year gone by.

It’s fun to review the year in pictures and to find the ones that really make me smile. When you find those keepers in your archive I hope you take the time to enjoy them, share them, back them up, and maybe even print them out. Photographs have the magic power to bring back those favorite moments and make us smile all over again.

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