Generations Together

January 8, 2012  |  Portraits

I first met Inga’s family this summer. You may remember these beautiful little girls.

Inga wanted me to come over because her sisters were visiting from Iceland along with a new baby cousin. She wanted a special record of the visit and her growing extended family.

At the time, Inga and Lior were expecting their third child. When Lior’s mother traveled from Iceland to meet her new granddaughter, they invited me over once again to capture some moments. I’m so glad they did.

Grandma Ruth and little Ruth have a special bond.

Three generations:

Celebrating family.

When family visits all the way from Iceland it is certainly an event. But I believe that any time generations of family gather there are moments worth recording. Take the time to notice the embrace and the story time and the laughter. Those little moments caught in a photograph will become treasures.

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