Les Bon Temps in Sebastopol

November 14, 2013  |  Cajun Zydeco, Events, Local Interest

I think a big part of why I am having so much fun exploring Cajun and Zydeco music is that it isn’t just about the music. It includes many elements of a culture that was transplanted to the San Francisco Bay area from southwest Louisiana more than fifty years ago. There is dancing and food and a very real sense of community among the folks who seek out this music.

They found it all at the 18th Annual Sebastopol Cajun Zydeco Festival in September. This party was brought to us by the Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise. From the moment the doors opened at 11:00 am, until they started breaking down the dance floor after 7:00 that evening, a good time was had by all. Festival coordinator Scott Hensey brought together local talent and bands straight from Louisiana, and the music never stopped.

There were parties within parties. The Rotarians, the dancers, and – particularly fun for me to witness – the musicians and their friends all had fun. There was community backstage as well, and it felt like what I imagine a good Louisiana backyard party might be like.

There are important stories surrounding this music, and I look forward to learning more. Watch for an occasional series here on the blog . . .

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  1. I like the new look of your site. It really highlights your stories.

    • Thanks, Ken! I resisted this for a long time, and couldn’t have made it happen with Ray and Sabrina. I’m very happy with this new home — I think I’m gonna have fun here!

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