Looking Back at 2011

December 31, 2011


I think that’s what 2011 was about for me when it comes to my journey with photography. I spent more time in study and practice than ever before, I became an active member of a world-wide community of passionate and generous photographers who inspire me to keep improving, I enjoyed some special travel and developed a deeper appreciation of my world close to home. And all of it reinforced my belief that photographs matter.

It was a privilege to help tell the stories of the many talented people in town through artist features on Albany Patch. It was a joy to help people record who they are right now through portrait sessions. It was a thrill to have an essay published online and in print by Rear Curtain. And — always — it warmed my heart to spend time with family and friends just doing what we do.

Moments are fleeting, but moments tell our story. If I can capture the moment so that the story can be repeated for those who were there and enjoyed by those who were not, I think I have done something of value.

Here’s a look at moments I treasure from the year gone by.


Looking ahead, I wish for you a new year full of stories of joy and growth, laughter and love.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Dorothy–I continue to be amazed at your capacity for change and growth. And now let’s add “artistry” to that list. This is lovely.

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