My New Happy Place

My New Happy Place

July 11, 2012

I like coffee. Have I mentioned that here? It’s a very important part of my day and I am disappointed on a deeply personal level when coffee is bad, or lukewarm, or — and I’m not proud of this — too slow in coming. Don’t believe me? Talk to my girls. They have stories.

And I like coffee paired with other treats like books and music. I’m a big fan of the coffeeshop/bookstore combo. But the newest addition on Solano Avenue surprises and delights me: coffee and a garden store. Over the past year or so, Flowerland Nursery has become my go-to place for special gifts. It’s lovely. But now, with the addition of Local 123 coffee served out of a 1969 Airstream Streamline trailer, it has become my plain old go-to place. Where better to sip a finely-crafted hot beverage than surrounded by the fragrance and beauty of all those luscious plants? It’s genius.

(So that’s what those are for. I always wondered.)

And I love coffee when it’s pretty. I know it’s not a novelty anymore, but I remember how excited I was the first time I was served a latte with a design drawn in the foam. It was too fancy to drink. Almost.

With the string of beautiful days we’ve been having, it has been such a pleasure to drop by Flowerland. I bring my book and linger. And since I’m in the process of sprucing up my garden, I often come home with just the right plant for this spot or that.

There is even a shop cat. It’s just about perfect.

My happy place.

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