Rear Curtain


Rear Curtain Magazine is the brainchild of Ray Ketcham. At its heart, Rear Curtain Magazine is about storytelling. Sabrina Henry, Matthew Connors, Stuart Sipahigil, Emily Kawahara, and I collaborate with Ray on this magazine because we all believe images hold the potential to share some of the most powerful stories that connect us no matter where in the world we live. Finding stories that link people to one another and that reflect how we are all the same can make the world a better place. Through sharing our lives and those of the people around us–our family, friends, neighbors, and our community–we can move others to new points of view by showing what we all have in common regardless of race, culture, religion or geography. These stories can improve understanding and influence behavior, all with the hope of–in some way–changing the future.

The mission of Rear Curtain Magazine is to be a place for emerging visual storytellers to share the stories that are important to them and also to be a resource of learning tools for those who wish to advance their storytelling skills.

Today Rear Curtain Magazine continues to expand the collaboration by working with several additional photographers to bring ordinary stories about extra-ordinary people from around the world. The most important thing you can do is tell the story your neighbor or community needs told, and in a lot of ways, it’s harder and more important to tell the story close to home to prevent the familiar from becoming invisible.

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