Santa Silliness in San Francisco

December 10, 2011  |  Local Interest

Hilary and I spent the day in San Francisco, joining hundreds of other goofballs who were getting their merry on, Santa-style. We started at Civic Center at noon. Santas appeared from every direction and eventually “assembled” (that’s far too organized a word) on the steps of City Hall. It was quite a sight.

There was quite a crush of Santas and at one point Hilary and I got separated. I didn’t panic, but instead reverted to the tried-and-true techniques of yesteryear. “Marco!” I shouted. Several nearby Santas kind of answered “Polo?” when out of the crowd strode Hilary with purpose in her stride. A lady Santa exclaimed with wonder in her voice, “Wow. That totally worked!” My favorite moment of the day.

After that, Santas scattered to spread cheer throughout the city. We headed for Union Square. What a silly day. You can see the rest of the gallery here.


  1. Great fun.
    And I’ll never forget, the next time Gayle and I are in crowd………….


  2. I had to look at the gallery, but there’s a picture of you, Dorothy! :)

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