Taking Another Look

Taking Another Look

April 2, 2013  |  Photography craft, Travel


There is a school of thought that advises waiting a while before you view, select, and process your images. It can be good to allow the passage of time to provide some separation between the event you photographed and your assessment of the images you captured. I think I have already admitted that I lack that discipline. I’m impatient. I will often look at my images the very same day I shoot them. And I’m not sorry. :-)

But I do understand the potential benefits of waiting. I think I’m actually pretty good at seeing which images are stronger, even on a first or second pass through. But I’ve learned not to discard the ones that don’t make the cut (I store my images on an external hard drive, so space isn’t an issue) because someday I might want to search for something different in that set of pictures.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be in Venice for Carnivale. It was an incredible experience, and I still like the images I selected of romantic gondolas and elaborate costumes and masks. But I was curious to see what else was there. What might be more interesting to me now?

I like this one. Something about it suggests a story to me. I imagine these people are Venetians, not tourists. I wonder why the man is approaching the camera when everyone else is walking away. It’s a much more everyday scene than the ones I saw around the Piazza San Marco, but there is still a hint of mystery, at least to me.

Do you ever go back through images from years ago? Do you find any surprises?


  1. Wow, this has such a magical feeling.

  2. I found Venice in the winter to be a very evocative place. Thank you for your comment, and for stopping by!

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