When “More” Is Creepy

January 16, 2012

Well, I learned something about myself this weekend. I have always been curious about butterfly groves and put that on my list of Things I Want To See Someday. Not a “must do” — just a “that would be interesting” type of thing. This past weekend Grace and I went to Santa Barbara for a short visit with Hilary and made a quick stop at the butterfly grove in Pismo Beach to have a look. I almost said “to scratch that itch”, but that brought back the skin-crawling feeling I experienced when I looked through the powerful telescopes that bring this natural wonder too close for my comfort. Turns out one butterfly is beautiful, several can be quite interesting, but hordes? Creepy.

I know there are science-types who will disagree. For them I recommend the butterfly grove at Pismo Beach.




Looking around for Alfred Hitchcock:

WAY too much of a good thing:

For me this is a classic instance of when less is preferable. I’m prepared to be in the minority here. And I’ll gladly give up my spot at the telescope.

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